Let's Celebrate The Dream Team!

When you read the word's "Dream Team" what thoughts go through your mind? Many readers may immediately go back to the 1992 Olympic Basketball Team for the United States. The team consisted of many all time NBA greats including: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Karl Malone. This team is said to be the greatest team ever assembled! I have a much different opinion and a much different picture that comes to mind when I hear these iconic words.

When I hear the words "Dream Team", I think about people like Mike Keith who consistently shows up every Sunday morning with a big smile on his face. He generously brings the rest of the team sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits then goes to set up our communion tables in the sanctuary. Mike loves to help wherever is needed. He understands that the little things matter in the Kingdom of God, and people experience the Love of Jesus a little better at our church because of Mike.

When I hear Dream Team I think of people like Mary Kruger. She runs our video switcher in the production suite. You may never see her on a Sunday, but that doesn't mean she isn't faithfully serving and having a blast while she is doing it. I remember walking into the suite during practice one Friday night, Mary was directing the camera crew with laughs and giggles that reminded me of a kid a Christmas. I love that we can have such a Real Good Time at Real Church!

When I hear Dream Team I also think of people like Lori Kelly and Shirley Croasmun. Mrs. Lori shows up every Friday night to ensure all of the signage and café area is set up excellently. I have never heard a complaint out of her mouth. As she quietly and diligently does her tasks, I can't help but to know that she is praying for every person that walks through our lobby. And then there is Mrs. Shirley, I don't remember a time that I saw her face and it didn't have a smile on it--a smile that seemed to light up the whole room. One time I caught her vacuuming the kids area. She was praying for those kids and their families as she was cleaning the floors. The prayers of Lori and Shirley are a major reason we have the impact we do today. Our church in the future will be a product of their prayers as they serve.

Real Church has a DREAM TEAM! The Dream Team is anyone on any of the serve teams or anyone leading a small group. We couldn't do church without them! Over and over we hear feedback from new guests to our services. The feedback usually sounds something like, "This place is so loving. I felt loved from the time I walked in the door." The Dream Team is why! They are displaying the Love of Jesus from the moment people drive into the parking lot. That is why we should celebrate them. They are the best team ever assembled!

On December 18th, we are having a Dream Team Celebration Party! We will cater with Chick-Fil-A - that Jesus chicken y'all! We will have games, and will give out some pretty cool awards to our Dream Team Members. We are going to give honor because honor is due!

One last thing, it may sound like we have everything covered. It may sound like we don't have an opening for someone else on the best team ever assembled. That is not true. The best dream team can get better! The truth is, God has placed amazing gifts, talents and abilities in you! If God is leading you to Real Church, then Real Church cannot be what it is destined to be without you plugging in and serving alongside us with your time and talents. If you are interested in becoming a part: click the link below and someone will get in touch with you shortly. We want to find out the perfect fit for you so you can continue to grow in Christ while helping our Dream Team to be even more effective at showing the Love of Jesus! Its time for you to be a part of the Dream Team too.