It's Christmas y'all! This is the season where families get together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We eat good food and have many presents under the Christmas Tree. We have family traditions that matter--traditions that we carry on as a matter of principle! We laugh at the stories told of good times past. At least that is the Christmas time that many see in their imaginations as they approach this season. The reality for too many is that this season brings heartache and heartbreak as expectations are let down over and over. Loved ones that were there last Christmas are not here any more and we are left picking up the pieces of traditions that will never be the same. The commercial Christmas that we are sold only leaves us feeling as if what we have experienced this year is not enough. This can't be all that there is.

I have good news for you as we step into this Christmas season. Immanuel! This word carries meaning that mends the heartache and causes all anxieties, no matter the cause, to leave. Immanuel means: God with us.

Jesus is truly the reason for the season. The heart of Christmas is that Jesus was born. The creator became a part of his creation to show us that He truly loves us. The reason for Christmas is Immanuel--God with us. You see, God came in the flesh two thousand years ago so that He could be with you in Spirit today. Because of Jesus, The Holy Spirit is with you now--Immanuel.

Understanding Immanuel gives us the key to walk through the potential anxieties of this season with peace and joy. Philippians 4:5-6 shows us that we don't have to be anxious about anything when we recognize God is with us--Immanuel! What if this Christmas we rejoiced from the heart. What if our rejoicing wasn't because our Christmas looked and felt picture perfect; what if our rejoicing was because Christmas was a constant reminder that God is with us. Immanuel!

Come and rejoice with us. We are a nondenominational church that loves Jesus and exists to help you to know His Love and live out your purpose in Him. This Sunday, December 12, we are starting our new series: Immanuel. Then on December 24th we are having a special Christmas Eve Family Service at 6pm. There will be Hot Coco, a candy cane story for the children, and my wife and I will share the Christmas story. We hope to see you soon!